Large Car Customizing – Big Rig Chrome Shop

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The Carolina’s big rig chrome shop and customizing center!  Providing fabrication and customizing to the trucking industry.

Just because someone can sell you something, doesn’t mean they know anything about it or how to install it.  At CTA we understand how the parts and equipment we provide are suppose to operate.  We are hands on and install everything we sell.  Including LED lights, light grommets and bezels.  Also Chrome and Stainless Steel accessories like light panels and exhaust stacks.  We also lengthen the wheel base and change out suspension set ups!   Tired of that small hole from the cab into the sleeper?  Have the crew at CTA cut out and install a big ring so you can lean that seat back finally!



Special Offers:

Power Take Off Systems (PTO Drive)

(custom installs per your needs)